Prom season is almost upon us, and it always makes me think of my own prom. Ever wish you could get a Prom do-over? I bet these pics will  make you realize your prom wasn't so bad after all.

Over all my senior prom experience wasn't so bad, although I wasn't very nice to my date. (Sorry, Seth!) There was the typical High School couple drama, and one fight in our group when one of my best friend's boyfriend told her that her dress was "huge." (Beth, I love you, but that memory still makes me laugh.)

When I look at old prom pics I have the usual thoughts of "why did I wear that dress?" "what was up with my hair?" Stuff like that. Then I came across this: 21 photos that prove that prom season is actually the worst. O.M.G. What are people thinking? I super love the pic of the guy with the Xbox for a date, or the matching Winnie the Pooh outfits.

If you have a pic you think could make the list, by all means show it off. Better yet, come make a new one at Totally Retro Prom (advanced tickets are on sale now) at Giovanni's on Friday, May 30th. It's gonna be super fun, and we can all look hideous together.