Just in time for the holidays.

Pringles potato chips are going chocolate. This is no joke. According to People.com, Pringles will be offering Milk Chocolate chips for a limited time.

Ok, it's more like chocolate dusted over your favorite chips not chocolate coated. The makers say this chip offers that salty-sweet combination that tastes good together.

Besides Milk Chocolate, Pringles,is also offering flavors of Cinnamon Sugar, Pecan Pie and White Chocolate.

If you think about it, Lays is always changing things up with their wild flavors, why not Pringles? Right?!

Now I'm wondering with these new flavors will we still be able to say "Once you pop, you can't stop"?

Would you try these?

I'd try the Milk Chocolate. Hey, I like to dip french fries in my chocolate shake so I'm thinking the chips would taste similar.


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