Just when we thought recalled salad might be a worry of the past, the USDA goes and issues another one. This time it's for premade salads that were sold in Illinois at Target, Walmart, and Aldi.

 Missa Bay, LLC, a Swedesboro, N.J. establishment, is recalling approximately 75,233  pounds of salad products that contain meat or poultry because the lettuce ingredient may be contaminated with E. coli


The recalled salad products were manufactured October 14, 2019 through October 16, 2019, and include Little Salad Bar brand at Aldi, Marketside at Walmart and Good & Gather at Target. (See the complete list of products and retailers here).

I guess the silver lining in this recall situation is this; if you purchased one of these recalled, premade salads back in October, chances are you proabably ate it already, right? So unless you are currently spending every waking moment in the bathroom, I think you're out of danger.

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