Apparently, the "porch pirates" who steal from the front porches of our houses have noticed the publicity they've been getting, and have moved on to a new place to scheme. Little do they know, cops have already caught on to that move, too.

Hiawatha police have recently been baiting apartment buildings to catch these package thieves in the act. They will enter the lobbies and hallways of your apartment complex and steal your packages. But they've also gotten more savvy according to Hiawatha Police Chief Dennis Marks, who says they might just swipe off a label from the package containing pertinent information they can use against you. Police can catch this and investigate it, too.

The Hiawatha Police Department has been one of the most proactive in setting up stings where residents would allow them to leave "trap" packages at their door to catch porch pirates. They are now doing the same with apartments in the community, with the same success rate--100%.

[Via CBS2]

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