Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen is planning a location on Lincoln Highway in DeKalb. Here's the latest on this newest location.


Popeye's Restaurant is seeking zoning permission to move ahead with the plan. The company has closed on property at 1127 W. Lincoln Highway, which sits on about 1.5 acres of land and will be turned into a three-lot subdivision.

Say good bye to the old L.A. Tan building. It's coming down for the new Popeye's.

"The current plans include a freestanding Popeye’s in the lot and rent out about 4,000 square-feet of retail space in the subdivision, which is about a half mile from Northern Illinois University campus. The third area will be used for storm water detention." according to Daily Chronicle.

As you can imagine, there is a big interest in this restaurant since the closest Popeye’s to DeKalb is in Hampshire, Illinois.

David McNew, Getty Images

Here's more good news. The new location will hire up to 55 employees, both full and part-time. That phase of the project won't happen yet since plans are for the restaurant to open around May 2016 after the weather breaks for better construction on the project.

Even though the new location is months away, it's hard not to be excited for a "new" dining experience.