In Illinois, a pair of girls took an unmarked police car for a joyride.

I remember that recently there was a statement from police recommending citizens to not leave there car unattended while warming it up because several vehicles have already been stolen this year.

Maybe this officer should have listened to that advice.

According to,

"Two girls stole an unmarked police vehicle in Illinois. They took the car from a restaurant parking lot where the officer was eating. The girls were seen on video just seconds after he walked in taking the car. The suspects took the car on an 8-mile joyride. Officials were unable to confirm the exact ages of the girls, but they were underage. The girls allegedly did not know they were stealing a police car."

"Leaving an unmarked vehicle running while an officer runs out is standard procedure in case there is an emergency call."

This is not going to end well for these girls. I knew a guy in college that did this to a delivery truck and spent some time behind bars. I'm sure the penalty is much harsher for a police car.


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