When you work in the media, you know you're going to be criticized, but sir please just keep these comments to yourself. 

Yes, being in the public eye means you're out there, your voice is inside car radios and your face is on their screens at home.

Nobody is everybody's cup of tea, so you prep yourself for people to dislike you. It's not fun and the first time you get some sort of hateful comment or letter, it really hurts.

You tend to learn to just let it go and also realize that you're getting a ton of positive comments along with the hate.

But after these last two pieces of hate mail, I have to get this off of my chest, keep these comments to yourself!

Last week I got an email from a man who told me,

You're attractive if you think FAT, WHITE and PASTY is cute. I DON'T."

And then, in the physical mail yesterday I got a six paragraph letter, typed, and mailed to me criticizing my weight, my lipstick, my TV show, my ability to host a TV show, and my personality.

By the way, the two letters were from men with the same first name... so I'm pretty sure this is all just one big hater.

The letter included the following sentences:

Enough is enough Michelle

You have a body like Ham from Sandlot.

Your smile and red lipstick resembles Batman's The Joker

Get over yourself.

and... As far as your radio career is concerned, your physically better suited to follow this path, even tho you have the personality of a tree stump.

Oh, actually the best part of the letter featured a back handed compliment...

And because you look like you're 15, you should refrain from any alcohol content, are you trying to prove you're a big girl now?

I'll be 35 in 6 weeks, so if you want to tell me I look like a teenager, I'm taking that as a win.

I have so much to say and yet just a few things that I need to get out there.

Since the man who wrote me this letter is incapable of changing the channel if he sees something (me) he doesn't want to see on TV, he's probably reading this story and listening to me talk about it on the air, too.

To you sir, please politely mind your own business. Close your eyes when you hear my voice, go watch someone you think is thin enough to be on TV or use the 30 minutes or so it took you to try to break me down by criticizing everything about me in a typed letter to read a book or something.

And actually that's all I will publicly say about you, because I know how to keep my negative thoughts to myself.

Have a good day.

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