Admit it. You ate all your Girl Scout cookies in one day, and now you are going through withdrawals. Let me help cure your hankering for something minty maybe?

John Moore, Getty Images

I. Love. Sweets.

I could finish off a box of cookies in one sitting if I wouldn't hate myself afterwards. So instead, I eat a handful of cookies periodically throughout the day. This may, or may not, result in finishing an entire box in one day. But hey, I didn't eat it all in one sitting so the calories are less right?

If you love "Thin Mints" and yours are long gone...TA's a 3 ingredient homemade "Thin Mint" recipe!

You even get to lick the cream out of the "Oreos" before you start the recipe.  Score! Ok, wait. Maybe not the best idea if you plan on sharing these cookies with others. If not, then lick away.

Is it as good as the real thing? Let me know!