It happens every year. You wake up and realize you forgot to move the Shelf Elf. Even worse, it's Saturday morning and your kids are already up and noticed.

This Texas mom came up with a brilliant way to prevent forgetting to move the elf every night. It's hard to come up with a creative thing to do every night as well. This is not only very creative, it frees you from wake-up guilt when you fail.

Courtney says,

Poor Buddy fell and broke his leg, he has strict orders from Santa not to move for two weeks! Parenting WIN!!

According to a article, there's is a bit more to this story.

“My 4-year-old son has autism and has a hard time following the rule about kids touching him, as clearly stated in the book, so I am limited on my options on where he can move,” explains Boles. “Also, we were headed out of town for my daughter’s soccer tournament and my younger daughter and son were staying with grandparents. Instead of trying to come up with an excuse why Buddy wasn't coming, we decided he should break his leg!”

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas season free from Shelf Elf forgetfulness.

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