A Vintage Pepsi Machine is for sale on Facebook Marketplace. It looks vintage, it looks used, and it looks...extra delicious! FACEBOOK

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At first glance I thought, you know this would be cool to share with you guys...I always dreamed as a kid, to have my own pop machine someday. How cool would that be?

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Then I looked a little closer at this Pepsi machine, and apparently there's some "extra" beverages available. You have your Pepsi, Squirt, Mellow Yellow, and "Juice." Not sure what kind of juice, but there's a mystery "Juice" button...Is it orange, pineapple, grape, who knows...It's just "juice." That actually sounds pretty good, I'll take one!

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But it's what the other spots are that has this $225 asking price, seeming o.k. with me:


There's a Belgium White Beer and a Seagram's Wine Cooler button. This dude knows how to party. This might be the coolest Pepsi machine, ever! Like I said, the asking price is $225 and I think this would be a great addition to any home.

Here's the actual Facebook description:

Works good. Cools as it should. Smaller machine so perfect for a mancave or garage. Asking $225 - Cal Legros

So if you are interested, click the link above. Maybe he will leave some extras in there for you! Oh, and you can find out what the mystery juice is...Bonus!

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