Downtown Rockford goers will tell you they're always double checking the time during the week to avoid getting a parking ticket. Most street parking in downtown Rockford has a two-hour limit and it can be a real pain if it's not after 5 p.m. or a weekend/holiday. That could be ending as downtown keeps transitioning to 2018 but it might not be parking meters.

According to WIFR, the concern over parking time limits is shared by both business owners and residents.

City officials say they have received several complaints from people and businesses saying their customers can't stay for more than two hours because they have to move their car.

The city has a chance to hit two birds with one stone (sorry P.E.T.A.) by charging for parking on the streets which would put money towards Rockford's multimillion-dollar debt. And, according to WIFR, the city might actually use an app to handle parking fees and not traditional parking meters.

The Finance and Personnel Committee discussed using an app based system where you could extend the amount of time at the same parking spot by using your phone rather than having to move your car.

Since many towns and cities within driving distance of Rockford have some sort of pay-for-parking system set in place I see no reason to argue with it happening downtown. If it can generate revenue for our city then let it happen.


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