For safety reasons, specific locations have been omitted from this article.


This is absolutely a reminder to keep your doors and windows secured more often than not. The size of the city, town, neighborhood, block, none of that matters - also be sure your home is as safely secured as possible.

 Parents, Don't Scroll Through This

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, there will not be any specifics related to where this incident took place.

What Happened?

Someone shared a conversation with a dear friend pertaining to a concerning incident that took place earlier the same evening.

While a family was home and getting ready for the end of the evening, a parent was bathing when their child came upstairs scared and uncertain about what was happening below.

The child explained there had been a knock at the door. The child looked to see who it was without opening the door. There, on the other side of the door was a man they did recognize.

Here's Comes Perhaps the Most Concerning Moment

The child peaked through the curtain to look through the window as to identify who was knocking. The man, whom the child did not recognize, stepped closer to the window to ask the child their name.

Smart Child

The child did not answer the mysterious man, instead ran up the stairs to get a parent. The parent quickly dried and dressed and headed to the door. While en route to the door the parent snagged a hammer to carry with for protection.

Remember, this is in the late evening when it was dark outside.

The Darkness

By the time the parent had reached the darkness, the man was gone. The porch light, for whatever reason, did not work, but the child did get a good look at him.


The parent called local police and described the man as follows,

  • Heavyset male
  • Dark blue colored shirt (no jacket)
  • Grey pants
  • Plain light blue baseball cap
  • No facial hair
  • Possibly in 30's-40's (according to my daughter)

The child said the man was holding something in his hand but could not tell what it was.

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