I know the headline sounds a bit strange but its completely true. According to The Chicago Sun Times, Packers super fan Russell Beckman is in a legal battle with the bears over him not being able to wear his Packers gear at the edge of Soldier field for their pre game warm up. Beckman has been a Bears personal seat license owner and season ticket holder for quite some time.

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
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The bears have a program where season ticket holders can stand at the edge of the field to watch the pre-game warm ups. In previous years he wore his packer gear but the Bears are saying he can't do that anymore. After they said no he still showed up in said gear and they turned him away. From a legal standpoint one of the Bears lawyers, Paul Greenwalt told the court that it would be bad for marketing and it would damage the team to let anyone wear opposing team jersey's during the pre-game warm up.

His federal court case about this matter is still on-going but last month his lawyers asked District Judge Joan Gottschall for an injunction so he can still wear his Packers fan gear for the next pre-game warm up. No verdict in the case has been made as of yet. As for Beckman, He says the Bears have "lost their moral compass and they need to be smacked down and he wants to do the smacking. "

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