Does anyone else blame the pandemic for turning them into a true-crime junkie? I'm highly confident that I am not the only one that feels that way, and if you're craving more opportunities to hone your newly-found detective skills, check this out...

WREX reports that a Junior at Oregon High School named Maya Key has created an outdoor murder mystery adventure we can all play along with called "On the Case".

The game was created as a project for Oregon High School's Social Entrepreneurship Program, and for a small fee that you pay online, you will embark on an outdoor crime-busting adventure that will take you to several Stateline area treasures like Stronghold Castle in Oregon, IL.

According to On the Case's website, here's how the game works;

On the Case is done completely on your own time and not an experience where you have to be at a location at a set time. First, you will sign up to get an invoice for the entry fee. After you pay, you will be sent to the first location where you can scan your QR code and receive your first case file. Next, you can go to the following locations at your leisure to receive subsequent case files. As you obtain more files, you will obtain more clues that will help you solve the case. When you think you have figured it out, you will complete the form attached to the end of the final case file. You will then receive an email or text stating whether you were correct or not, and your name will go on a leader board that will be shared with all other On the Case detectives!

The fee to play is $5 per person or $10 per group, and you can sign up right now, here.



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