If you want to raise your family in a safe city, then you may want to consider moving about an hour and half away from Rockford. As this city has been considered as the only Illinois city that's safe to live in.

ABC7 reports that the city of Naperville just a little over an hour and a half from Rockford was rated as one of the safest cities in the U.S. In fact, it's the only Illinois city that made the list, landing at number 19.

Safewise rated cities by analyzing their "crime data, sex offender populations, graduation rates and school rankings in order to make their determinations."

Well just reading that criteria you can see why Rockford never even had a chance. The crime most likely knocked us out from the get go.

The number one city to live is in our neighboring state of Indiana. Carmel, IN.

To see the complete list of what cities are the safest to raise your children in, click here.



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