Pass the chips. pass me a beer, just don't pass any gas...unless it's "National Fart Day!" Yes ladies and gentlemen there is in fact a "National Fart Day," today. How you celebrate is totally up to you.

I informed Double T early this morning that today is "National Fart Day" and he just grinned and walked back into the studio...GREAT...

We shared the "Wheel of Fortune Fart" last week, that went something like this:

That is epic, and Pat is such a pro...But I think it's time we go next level on "National Fart Day."

How about a supermarket "speakers" fart...

There's the escalator "fake" fart:

What about farting at "Target."

The hits, and the toots just keep on coming!

What about a GIANT in "Andre The Giant!"

Live TV can be something special if you add a little gas...Check out this top ten:

What if we double down, and add some EYE CONTACT to the fart, creepy and hilarious!!!

Anyway you "slice" it, it's gross, it's funny...but it's science or something.

Flatulence - Flatulence can have causes that aren't due to underlying disease. Examples include having gas or food intolerance.

See, science...Let's laugh some more:

How about an elevator fart for one last final "blast."


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