Things we need in 2021 - coffee with more caffeine in it. Anyone else feel like they have their first cup of coffee and then they play the waiting game. Am I waking up? Why are my eyes getting lower instead of wider? And that's when you give in and indulge in cup number 2.

In 2021 Dunkin' wants to make sure that first cup of coffee does it's job. Dunkin' just launched a whole new world of coffee - "Extra Charged Coffee". Being a coffee lover, those three words are all I need to hear to say sign me up! But I'm sure those who aren't as caffeine obsessed want some more details.

According to USA Today -

The chain launches “Extra Charged Coffee” on Wednesday, which it says has 20% more caffeine than Dunkin’s classic hot and iced coffee. For a limited time – from Wednesday through Jan. 26 – medium Extra Charged Coffees will be $2. The new coffee is served hot or iced and includes green coffee extract, which gives the extra caffeination.

Dunkin' said they know people need that extra boost going into January. But this new coffee is only here for a limited time until January 26, so if you want to try it, head to Dunkin' ASAP. And when you grab an "Extra Charged Coffee" you can also try their new donut they launched - the Dunkfetti Donut. Which is basically what would happen if funfetti cake and a donut had a baby.

I'm just excited to go into 2021 with an extra boost of energy. I think we can all agree we need it.

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