Are you ready for another winter in the Stateline with weather affected by Polar Vortex? The official Winter outlook from NOAA has just been released. Here's what they are predicting.

According to NOAA, below average temperatures are expected in the south-central and southeastern United States.


Above-average temperatures are most likely in the western states, Alaska, Hawaii, and New England. In the Midwest, there are equal chances for below or above average temperatures.

Whether this winter will be as extreme as last year, NOAA says “a repeat is unlikely this year.”

A severe drought is ongoing across California and the western states. Good news for at least the southern half of California: above normal precipitation is expected.

The precipitation surpluses will stretch across the Gulf Coast states into Florida. In the Pacific Northwest and the Great Lakes States, it will be drier than normal. That translates to less snowfall on average. But there could still be some big snows.


The outlook does not project when and where snowstorms may hit and produce significant snow accumulations.

So basically, it's all up to Old Man Winter. Could go either way. I personally think it is a repeat from last year and our Winter will be harsh. What do you think? Leave your comments below.