Hard to believe, but 20 years ago today on June 17, 1994 we were glued to our TV Sets watching O.J. Simpson making his iconic getaway on the highways of California, riding in the back seat of his friend’s white 1992 Ford Bronco while a trail of police cruisers and a helicopter followed. Remember this?

Former football great Al Cowlings navigated the vehicle from Orange County onto Highway 405 toward Brentwood. Experts estimated 95 million Americans tuned in to the real-time media broadcasts, right around 6:45 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.


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High speed chase it was not. Mr. Cowlings kept the Bronco at a speed of around 35 miles per hour, while Simpson sat in the back with his passport, $8,750, a costume goatee and mustache and a gun.

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What has happened to the white Bronco since?

Ford discontinued the model — and has not yet brought it back. The Bronco Simpson rode in was sold to Michael Pulwer, a friend of the Cowlings family, for about $75,000, according to the Daily Beast.

In 2012, the Bronco was parked in the lobby of Luxor Hotel near a sports memorabilia shop, according to the Daily Beast.

Safe to say that one day the Bronco will be in a museum and it will take big money to own it as time passes.

Here's the question of the day. Where were you 20 years ago today?