A dude from the 815 recorded his expensive Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat catching on fire and burning to the ground.

His name is Paul, but we don't know his name, but a Plainfield man documented his 707 HP Dodge Hellcat sport car burning to the ground.

In a very long tribute video posted on YouTube, the vehicle owner said the engine caught on fire. According to MSN.com this is what happened based on the narrative of the vehicle's owner.

Plenty of surging and stumbling while trying to get the engine broken in. He went to a rural road for some exploratory driving but the condition worsened until finally nothing was happening when pressing the gas pedal. In this case, nothing apparently was only a reference to acceleration, because he describes all kinds of sounds from the mill that probably would’ve made most people pull over and call for help. Instead of doing that, he hit the gas “pretty hard,” which is a daunting move for healthy Hellcat, never mind one in distress. He finally pulled over, at which point he smelled what he “believes to be gas.”

You can listen to the frantic call the Hellcat owner made to authorities to report his car on fire on a rural Plainfield road and watch his very expensive vehicle burn to the ground below.

For any car lover, this will definitely bring you to tears.


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