I love flying, but I hate waiting in those dreaded security lines. Don't you?

Well, good news there's no more of those now at O'Hare or Midway!

DNAInfo reports that the average wait time at O'Hare is down to just 7 minutes and at Midway just 10 minutes. If you had traveled by plane prior to May of this year, you would have been waiting over two hours in O'Hare and at least 55 minutes at Midway.

What made the big change and shorter wait time? Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Say what you want about the man but the improvements getting travelers through the security check lines began after Mayor Emanuel "met with federal officials and demanded more agents be assigned to O'Hare, the second busiest airport in the nation, and Midway airports."

Since May "99 screening officers were assigned to O'Hare and their 260 part-time screening officers were converted to full-time." At Midway, "53 screening officers were added and 29 part-time screening officers were converted to full-time" as well.

Wow! Makes sense more people screening means more travelers get through at a timely pace and are less likely to miss their flights, as what was happening before the change.

Now that makes me ready for a trip! how about you?

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