When it comes to the state standardized tests in Florida, the Board of Education mandated "No Dew for You" for the students.

After 10 years the Creel Elementary School can no longer hand out shots of Mountain Dew with Trail mix before the kids begin their tests. In all fairness they did encourage eating a healthy breakfast, getting a good night's sleep before the test. This odd combination was something the Principle Kathryn Eward did to help boost the children's mental alertness in taking those tests.

After receiving complaints the school has no switched the beverage to water with the trail mix.

It's funny to read that. When I was a kid each spring we took the Iowa Basics skills test. I remember the teacher telling us to eat a good breakfast, to get to bed early and bring No. 2 pencils to fill out the test sheets. That was it.

What do you think about that?

Part of me doesn't see it as a big deal. But when you think about it what happens to kids that get hyper ingesting sugar? Is that helpful? Or what about kids with Diabetes or other food allergies? They couldn't have that.

Maybe this is a good thing after all.



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