We all eat food, and we know that some tastes better than others. With so many choices out there it really gets tough to choose who's is the best when it comes to eating out. Well, the results are in and the people have spoken. Opentable.com has chosen the 100 best restaurants in the US for 2018 according to dining reviews.


They have taken a look at over 28,000 restaurants and reviews this year and they've narrowed it down to the top 100. Some might be surprised to find that 9 of these top eateries are in Chicago Illinois. This year in the top 100, American and Italian Restaurants were the most popular. We know there's definitely no shortage of Italian restaurants in Illinois. Here are the top nine from our state.

1. Boka in Chicago.

2. Gibson's Italia in Chicago.

3. Girl & The Goat in Chicago.

4. Maple & Ash in Chicago.

5. Oriole in Chicago.

6. RL Restaurant in Chicago.

7. RPM Italian in Chicago.

8. Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab in Chicago and other locations as well.

9. Ema in Chicago.

In this list we've compiled, you can click on them for more info to check out reviews, addresses, view the menu's and even make a reservation if you like. After seeing these restaurants I can't wait for my next trip to Chicago to chow down on some of the best culinary items in the US. It definitely makes me proud to be an Illinois resident.

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