Niko Moon's gaining a name for himself as a purveyor of feel-good, easy-to-dance-to songs with an optimistic message to match. That's the case in his party-ready "No Sad Songs" as well as the title track of his debut album, Good Time, and now Moon's keeping it going with his newest single, "Paradise to Me."

Evoking a carefree backdrop of waterside, easygoing fun, "Paradise to Me" sets its feel-good lyrics against a melody that's catchy enough to command a crowd. When Good Time came out in August of 2021, the singer told Forbes that "Paradise to Me" was already making a big impact on his live set.

"They sing along to that song so much during the live show," he explained. "I really try to listen to my fans as much as possible on what music to put out there as far as what they're vibing to, what they're digging."

That's because, for Moon, there's an inextricable connection between what works in a live setting and what works at country radio. It's all about finding a pathway into connecting with the listener, he goes on to say.

"I've always dreamed about being able to play music in a big way where it would be on the radio. I've always loved people, wanted to connect with people, and to be able to do that is a dream come true and something I don't take for granted for a moment," Moon continues. His brand of irrepressible optimism seems to be striking a chord: "Good Time" went to No. 1 at country radio in early 2021.

To go along with the carefree vibes of "Paradise to Me," Moon shared a music video that shows him having a sunny, two-person boat party out on the water with his wife and collaborator, Anna Moon. She's a co-writer on the track, as well as every other song listed on Moon's Good Time EP, with the exception of his cover of Travis Tritt's "It's a Great Day to Be Alive."

Niko Moon, "Paradise to Me" Lyrics:

Got a three-day weekend and everybody's loadin' it up / With my RayBans on and a Yeti in the back of the truck / I'm ridin' shotgun, playin' DJ / Mixing Willie and Hank with some Ying Yang / Got the windows down and the speakers turned all the way up


Yeah, we like, oh / We ain't gotta take it too far from home / Little bit of heaven's just down the road / Where we can lay back, open up a cold one / Take it slow / I like piña coladas down in PCB / Give me that whiskey and cola 'neath that old pine tree / Ain't nothin' wrong with that white sand and that ocean breeze / Right now that lakefront view is paradise to me

We got a boat tied up like an island, just killin' the time / Ain't no tiki huts, but we sippin' on Corona and lime / We trade a palm tree for them pontoons / Ridin' waves with the wakeboards and Sea-Doos / 'Cause when the sun goes down / Yeah, we gonna keep it going all night / You know that's right

Repeat Chorus

When that 9 to 5 gets you down / And you're lookin' for a getaway / Well, I know just the place / (Right down the road)

Repeat Chorus

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