As you enjoy Super Bowl LVII next weekend, keep a close eye out for a commercial featuring one Illinois farming family.

Two Kinds of Super Bowl fans

The way I see it, there are two major types of Super Bowl fans; the kind that really LOVES watching football, and the kind that just loves the Super Bowl add-ons like parties, snacks, commercials, and the Halftime Show. (For the record, I am the second kind of person).

Now that Super Bowl LVII is just over a week away, we will likely see a lot of big game preview commercials start to leak, in fact, some already have...

It's safe to say we all expect big things and laughs from national Super Bowl commercials, but there is one local commercial you should get an eye out for too.

Super Bowl LVII Commerical to Feature a Farming Family From Viola, Illinois

According to WQAD in the Quad Cities, the Bell family in Viola, Illinois will be highlighted in the Illinois Farm Families Coalition's spot for their "We Are the 96" campaign.

The goal of this campaign is to "help build trust between Illinois farmers and consumers", especially when our nation is in the midst of major supply-chain issues and many people don't truly understand how much of our food comes from family-owned farms.

WQAD recently got a chance to interview Chad Bell and talk about the importance of this campaign, and now I'm really looking forward to seeing how the full commercial turns out...

The Illinois Farm Families Coalition spot is expected to air in the first half of the game, so make sure you wait to go to the bathroom until at least Halftime next Sunday!

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