It doesn't matter what airport you're at, going through security is always the worst part of the entire experience. However O'Hare deserves some sort of award for having the absolute WORST security. I've waited up to two hours in line before. Even during times when travel isn't busy, security is still a headache. Even if they could make the whole process run a little smoother I'd be happy.

So what's the upgrade? Chicago's O'Hare Airport is getting a new 3D security scanner that officials hope will make going through security checkpoints more efficient. According to the Miami Herald -

The technology is already used on checked luggage. It could give TSA agents at security checkpoints a better view of items, eventually allowing passengers to leave liquids in their carry-on bags. Agents also may need to do fewer hands-on searches.

The new scanner may not be used to screen passengers until after the holidays because the Transportation Security Administration is still testing it and training employees to use it. The new CT scanners have been tested in Boston and Phoenix and are now being rolled out to other airports. In Chicago the scanner will be in the Terminal 1 checkpoint open to some United Airlines passengers.

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