The new Mission BBQ in Rockford, Illinois will officially open in less than two weeks, but we all have a chance to taste the greatness AND win free BBQ for a YEAR before the big grand opening celebration actually takes place.

Grand Opening of Mission BBQ in Rockford

It feels like we've been watching the construction progress of Rockford's new Mission BBQ on E State Street and waiting for it open FOREVER, but the big day is almost here!

Mission BBQ Rockford will officially open its doors on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, but they will start serving up their delicious grub a few days earlier on October 7 for a VERY special cause...


I truly hope you zeroed in on the "FREE BBQ for a year" part of that post, but for those that have questions, let's get some answers.

How to Score Free BBQ For a Year at Mission BBQ Rockford

Whenever you see the chance to win something free for a year, most of us automatically think, "cool, but what's the catch?" When it comes to Mission BBQ, there really isn't one. Seriously.

Here's how the free BBQ for a year thing works according to Mission BBQ's website;

The first 100 Customers that purchase an American Heroes Cup during Military Appreciation Night will each be given a group of 52 Coupons (each a Mission “BBQ Card”) which can be redeemed in the 52 subsequent weeks, subject to these Rules and Regulations.

Please notice that there is no "purchase for the chance to win" lingo in the above quote.

If you are one of the first 100 people to buy an American Heroes Cup for $3.99 at Mission BBQ on E State St. in Rockford on October 7 starting at 6 p.m., you WILL get the free BBQ coupons. Simple as that. Now let's get to the really good stuff...

A Taste of What's To Come at Mission BBQ Rockford

All it took for me to start drooling was one quick trip to Mission BBQ Rockford's Facebook. Feast your eyes on this...


Are you hungry yet? Hope to see you all at Mission BBQ Rockford on October 7 for Military Appreciation Night!

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