A study was recently conducted by the Center for Disease Control to determine the major causes of death in each state, and the findings were published last week. Apparently, Illinoisans need to pay special attention to their kidneys. 

These findings published in the medical journal, Preventing Chronic Disease, Public Health Records, Practice and Policy, were found by looking at the causes of death for each state,  calculating the rate of death per capita, and then comparing them against national rates. Sound like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo? Yeah, it does to me too. Maybe this example will help clear things up a bit: In Alaska the deaths due to boat or plane accidents is 41 people per million, but in the rest of the country it's 6 deaths per million which makes Alaska's risk 7 times higher.

Still sounds like way too much math for me to handle, so I'll just take their word for it. See the complete map here. 

Personally, I feel bad for New Mexico, Nevada and Oregon. The rate of deaths caused by  "legal intervention" is higher than average in those states, and that sounds bad. Very bad.