With every year there are more and more gun crimes, at schools, bars, and even big events. It seems like most of the heinous acts have been committed using assault weapons. The numbers just aren't going down. According to 14News.com, a new bill here in Illinois is aimed at stopping the sale of assault weapons. Named Bill SB107, it would ban almost every semi-automatic weapon there is. There was a townhall on the ban at the Family Life Center in Enfield last Monday. There were hundreds of people there ready to voice their opinions.

If the bill passes, If you already own an assault weapon, you would have 300 days to register the weapon with the Illinois State Police or else face a felony charge. The bill is backed by 7 Democratic Senators. The bill has been sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee as of now. Republican State Representative Darren Baily told people to call leaders in Springfield and voice their opposition of Bill SB107. Sheriff for White County, Doug Meier was there and said that he and the Illinois Sheriff's Association do not back this bill. Regardless of where this goes, we want our children safe at school and we also want to be able to protect our homes and families.


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