And we are so pumped for all of the breakfast pizza.

Not just the breakfast pizza, the taco pizza, the cheeseburger pizza, the pepperoni pizza, even the plain cheese. We're pumped for all of it.

Casey's General Store is probably one of my favorite places to stop.

Not only do they have awesome pizza, but they have pretty great gas prices, ice cream, coffee, sub sandwiches, cookies, donuts and fountain drinks... and that's only half of the store.

So when I heard that Casey's was coming to Machesney Park I couldn't be more excited.

The new store will be at the corner of Route 173 and Forest Hills Road, exactly 13 minutes from the 97ZOK studios, so you better believe we'll be popping over there for some Casey's deliciousness as soon as it opens.

While the official opening date hasn't been determined, I have a feeling it'll be sooner than later, maybe by this summer?

Fingers, toes and arms crossed!

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