Yes this is real. We're in the age of Apps. They are absolutely everywhere. Apps to have food delivered, Apps that turn your phone into a remote. The list just goes on and on. Well, just when you thought you heard about them all, there's a new Sherriff in town or should I say, a Bondsman? According to the Chicago Tribune, there's a new app that will turn your spare change into bail money for stuck inmates at the Cook County Jail.


The new App is called Appolition, and it came to be because of inmates not being able to afford to bond out so they sit there indefinitely until they can. Tiffany Mikell, a Chatham native, co-developed the app. So this is how it works, You link your debit or Credit card to the app, every time you use it, the spare change is rounded up to an even dollar amount and the difference is donated to a bail fund of whomever you choose. Tiffany said she helped develop the app because she has heard of the horror stories when it comes to people waiting for bail, like when they lose their jobs or even their housing. On the good side, at least you can pick who you help bail out.

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