As every Netflix junkie knows, falling asleep during a binge watching session can be a real problem. You get all comfy cozy watching episode one of a new show, and the next thing you know you awaken to discover a whole new batch of characters on the screen you don't recognize. Thank goodness Netflix invented socks that will save us from the maddening search process of figuring out what episode you were on before Mr. Sandman took over.

I could have used these socks last week while I was on vacation. Two nights in a row when I "wasn't tired" I curled up with my iPad to watch a few episodes of Mad Men, and the next thing I know it was like 3 episodes later. Frustrating! Is it too late to order these for Christmas?


The only setback to this brilliant piece of technology is that the finished product is the result of a little DIY'ing and a knowledge of electronics. You can insert the device into an existing pair of cozy socks, or if you know how to knit, you can download patterns for your favorite Netflix original shows and knit your socks from scratch.

I so love a good DIY project, but personally, the process of creating these socks sounds too high tech for me. Read the instructions here, and see what you think.