A popular Chicago restaurant was recently a victim of robbery and vandalism.

The neighborhood rallied together to restore what was stolen and damaged from the 40-year-old eatery.

WGN shared that Tuesday night, May 15th, vandals hit Capt. Hard Times Josephine's Cooking restaurant at 436 East 79th Street.

"Surveillance video showed a man walking to the back of [the restaurant] carrying a ladder and bolt cutters Tuesday night. He is seen climbing up a roof and cutting the electrical wiring."

The owner, Josphine Wade, believes that it was the same men who robbed the restaurant. "The men were looking to strip out the copper to sell."

Damages to the restaurant are between $10,000 to $15,000 and Ms. Wade's insurance doesn't cover it. She was losing money every day that she wasn't open due to not having any power.

In the 40 years that the restaurant has been serving the community, its never had a problem or been robbed until now.

The awesome thing is that yesterday the neighborhood came together to help Ms. Wade.

"Electricians from Electrical Union 134's Powering Chicago, the Electrical Contractors Association and the company, MZI Group Inc. joined forces to get the place back up and running."

They told Victor, Josephine's son,"Don't worry about anything financially, we are taking care of this. All that you and your mom have done for this community we're coming through for u guys."

Wow! Doesn't that give you the feels?

See there are still good people in the world, sometimes you just got to dig through the rubbish to find them.




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