Now that it's almost July, I have to ask, how's that summer body coming along?

If you said, "ha, what summer body," then read on.

Shoot, even if you're dead set on hitting the bench press before you hit the beach, you should still continue reading, because I know you've been waiting for this news since the beginning of spring.

I'm going to need you to try and remain calm when I tell you that, according to Delish, Taco Bell is bringing back their most popular menu item ever- the nacho fries.

There's just one minor change- the price. Originally they were just $1, but as of July 12th (happy belated birthday to me), an a la carte order will be $1.29, supreme will be $2.49, and if you're really going to go all out, the Bell Grande will cost you $3.49.

Oh, and there's another thing- they're only available, again, for a limited time. Taco Bell hasn't told us just how long we can expect them to stick around.

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