Prepare your mind and your tastebuds. Mystery Oreos are coming back to Rockford.

We saw the sun over the weekend, we're looking at temps in the 80s for the rest of the week and Mystery Oreos are headed back to Rockford, what else could you possibly need?

I know, you're like, Michelle... there are plenty of other things I need... but hey let's all think positive thoughts today. Like the thought that Mystery Oreos could change our lives!

Why's that? Because last time Oreo did this, the prize was $50,000.

That was in 2017, when they gave us a Fruity Pebbles Oreo.

The Oreo wasn't my favorite, but winning $50,000 is a pretty decent reason to try whatever flavor they throw at us this summer.

Be on the lookout, no word yet as to when the Mystery cookies will pop up in stores.

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