No, it's not a reference to the song "Wagon Wheel" from Darius Rucker, it is my personal salute to my father who passed away in January. It's a project he always wanted to complete. So, in his honor, I did. Take a look. 

Each morning on the Q98.5 Wake Up Crew, you've heard my partner Shannon Zimmerman and I talk about the "wagon project". I wanted to share the pictures with you. Here's the background.

Close to 40 years ago, my dad and I reconditioned an old wagon he found as a father and son project. It was a cool project for a son and father to work on with great memories. Time took over and the wagon was almost gone.

Steve Summers, Townsquare Media

My dad always wanted to 'get it working again', but with failing health, he couldn't. After my dad passed in January, and the snow melted, I took it upon myself to 'finish' the wagon in his memory. I am happy to say it is completed. What do you think?

Steve Summers, Townsquare media

A lot of my friends think I'm crazy, but this is one of the most rewarding projects I have ever completed in my garage. It's priceless to me and my family.

Every day I look at it and think of my hero who taught me about the joy of 'hobbies' and the thrill of building something with your hands.  I hope I made you proud dad.