Despite being convicted of drunken driving four times and having their licenses revoked, supposedly for good, 5,085 Illinois drivers could be back on the road legally next year. Here why.


Under a new law that takes effect New Year’s Day, these multiple DUI offenders can apply for a restricted driving permit so they can get to work, take their kids to school or visit a doctor, though only if their license has been revoked for at least five years.

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They must prove they’ve been sober for three years. And their vehicles would have to be equipped with a “breath ignition interlock device” so their cars can’t start if they’ve been drinking.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Governor Bruce Rauner and the Illinois General Assembly decided to give them another chance with the passing of this bill.

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Winnebago Country ranks in 4th place when it comes to the highest number of drivers in Illinois with 4 DUIs.

Illinois counties with highest numbers of drivers with four DUIs according to the Secretary of State and WREX TV 13:

1. Cook - 1,600 offenders

2. Lake - 356 offenders

3. DuPage - 335 offenders

4. Winnebago - 274 offenders

5. Will - 209 offenders

6. Kane - 199 offenders

7. McHenry - 143 offenders

8. Rock Island - 130 offenders

9. Peoria - 113 offenders

10. Sangamon - 113 offenders

Do you agree with the passing of this bill or not? Thoughts below.