After a couple of days with much cooler temperatures around Chicagoland and the Rockford region, it seemed like we skipped Summer and went right into Fall.

But the next few days will bring the hottest temperatures of the year so far as we creep up close to 90 degrees by this weekend.

Forecasts Predicting Multiple Strong Thunderstorms to Hit Midwest

According to some meteorologists and computer weather models, there will be several chances for the upper Midwest to experience dangerous Thunderstorms for at least the next week.

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The latest extended forecast from the Weather Channel is predicting almost a 70 percent chance of thunderstorms around northern Illinois on Thursday afternoon (5/16), then we have a heat wave starting Friday (5/17) with 5 straight days where the high temperature will rise into the mid-80s. By Saturday, temps could hit the 90-degree mark.

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The weekend should be sunny and warm with a minimal chance of any precipitation on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, according to the latest Weather Channel forecast.

Thunderstorms Could Rain Out Northern Illinois Memorial Day Plans

Rain showers and thunderstorms return to begin next week, with about a 60 percent chance of storms on Monday (5/20) and Tuesday (5/21), some of these storms could be severe.

Looking ahead to Memorial Day weekend in Rockford, the current Weather Channel extended forecast is showing more severe thunderstorms possible on Friday night (5/24) and Saturday (5/25).

Temperatures will be in the mid-70s through Memorial Day Monday (5/27) and will be partly cloudy with around a 20 percent chance of rain.

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