It is no surprise that Wisconsin is the cheese mecca of the United States. What some people don't know is that the biggest selling frozen Pizza brands in the U.S. are based out of Wisconsin according to Companies like DiGiorno, Tombstone, Jacks, Peps and Palermo's. It wasn't always like this though. Back in 1979, a retailer asked his grandfather to try some frozen French bread style pizza. He took a bite and said, "this isn't good". That was exactly the response the retailer wanted to hear. At the time Palermo's had a brewery that turned pizzeria. the retailer talked to Palermo's about expanding into doing frozen pizzas as well as the fresh ones.

The Fallucca family then remodeled an old bakery and started making pizzas and bread under the Palermo's name. They started out small and then business exploded when they started offering a Rising crust in 1989. They expanded in 2006 and then again in 2011. But they weren't the only frozen pizza company picking up steam. Tombstone was also doing very well due to the fact that any other frozen pizza was pretty bland at the time.

Yes, the U.S loves its pizza, frozen or fresh. There's only one more country in the world that eats more frozen pizza per capita and that's Norway. Last year, Digiorno's frozen pizza sales topped $1 billion dollars. Overall, frozen pizza sales were up a whole 4.5 % last year. When it comes to frozen pizza, the best selling pies in the U.S. come from Wisconsin and they are not just the king of cheese anymore.


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