Is it my imagination or have some strange creatures and critters been showing up around Northern Illinois this past summer? This guy has been hanging around my house since the weekend.This has been the summer of encountering unusual insects

For the past three days this 2 1/2 " x 1 1/2" mother of all moths, has been hanging around my front porch day and night perched right below my porch light fixture. He doesn't seem to be afraid of anything, in fact, I think he's guarding the place.

He definitely he looks like a stealth fighter. Of course my firends point out to me that is kinda shaped like a Dorito, too. Leave it to my friends, LOL.

So what is he? After days of researching, I found out that I'm not the only one who has been seeing these mystery moths. My research has determined he is a White Striped Sphinx Moth.

No need to worry, these moths show up late summer and don't live too long. The white-lined Sphinx Moth starts out as a caterpillar and uses soil to turn into an adult moth.

If you spot one, do you need to worry? Probably not. Your vegetation is probably safe.  Unless their numbers are excessive, these moths are not likely to pose a worry for gardeners. But you have to admit, they sure are cool to look at.


If you have spotted an unusual critters this summer, post your pictures below.

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