My Monday soapbox: I will never fly JetBlue.

Flying is not always fun. Add to the mix, flying with children. Imagine this, the plane you flying on is delayed on the runway and your 3-year old daughter tells you she has to go to the bathroom. You get up to take her to the bathroom on the plane and are ordered by the flight attendant to go back to your seats.

It happened last week on a JetBlue flight at New York's JFK airport.

The girl ended up wetting herself on the seat. To make matters worse, the flight attendant yelled at the child when she was trying to clean up the mess.

JetBlue is apologizing to a mother after her daughter was denied use of an airplane bathroom.


To add insult to injury, JetBlue offered the mother a $50 voucher. Wow, a whopping $50, geez!

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