This toy kangaroo was my most memorable Christmas toy.

I received this Kangaroo, aptly named Kanga and her baby Roo, from my Grandma when I was five years old.

I still remember that day. I ripped off the paper and handed the box to my Mom, as my Grandma had wrapped it in a Dust Buster box. I thought it was for my Mom. I said  "Here Mom this is for you." It wasn't until my Mom helped me open the box that my wonderful surprise was reveal.

I loved this Kangaroo. I took Kanga and baby Roo with me everywhere. I'd dress her in baby clothes, sleep with her. In fact, she was my companion when I had a brief hospital stay later that year.

I played with her so much that my Mom had to stitch up her leg not once but twice.

It's funny how something so small could bring so much joy to my life as a kid, but it sure did.

Although I no longer play with this toy, just digging her out of the plastic container to take this picture made me smile.

Remember those toys you had that did that? It's a smile and joy that no one can describe because we each have a different way in which our favorite toys brought that to us.

Today we have a great opportunity to bring that same experience to needy kids here in the stateline area by donating a new and unused toy to the Annual Q98.5 12 Hours of Salvation Army Toy Drive.

Won't you consider helping us bring smiles and Christmas wonder to children in needy homes and who are hospitalized this Christmas season?

You can drop off your toys or monetary donations for children between the ages of new born to pre-teen at the Lou Bachrodt Auto Mall across from the CherryVale Mall until 7PM tonight.

And.. thank you for your support.