Many tales and paranormal experiences surround Lebanon Road outside of Collinsville, Illinois, but most of them involve one of two things; the Acid Bridge and the "Seven Gates Of Hell".

If you love all things haunted and paranormal, I'm sure you've heard about this infamous road that is often considered one of the most haunted places in the entire state of Illinois. For those that have never heard this before, let me just tell you this; don't ever travel down Lebanon Road in Collinsville, Illinois...or else.

The Haunted Tales of Lebanon Road

Let's start with Acid Bridge. According to;

The most commonly retold story is about the death of a teenager: One night, a group of teenagers were partying on the bridge.  One of them produced a gun and started shooting.  A bullet ricocheted, striking one of the teenagers in the head and killing him.  The spirit of the teenager is believed to be just one of many that now haunt the bridge.

Acid Bridge is not only haunted but it is covered in graffiti as well since it is a popular nighttime hang-out for the very bravest of souls. The bridge's guardrails even feature bulletholes that might prove all the legends true.

According to, there's another legend about Acid Bridge that is slightly different from the shooting story;

According to legend, some teenagers were high on acid when one of them lost control of the vehicle on the bridge and they all died. The car apparently flipped over into the shallow creek below.


Someone even claims to have seen a skull in the water below the bridge...

Are you creeped out now? Just wait, there's more

Lebanon Road's 'Seven Gates of Hell'

On Lebanon Road, you will also find seven railroad bridges, most of which are no longer operational, that many people call the "Seven Gates of Hell. According to legend, if you drive through all of the seven bridges in order at midnight, a portal to Hell is opened, and "Hell Hounds" will be waiting to greet you.

The Horror Syndicate says since the railroad bridges were constructed sometime in the late 1800s these "gates" have "starred in countless tales of hangings, occult rituals, and plenty of other assorted evil". The Horror Syndicate has even provided directions to each of the gates and some added horror stories about each of them if you are brave enough to explore it all. Or, you can just watch this if you'd rather not explore them in person...

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