A couple of weeks ago we learned that the wait is almost over for the grand opening of Mission BBQ in Rockford.

In case you missed this important morsel of information, I have a friend that has been hired to manage Mission BBQ's Rockford location and he told me the projected opening date for the new restaurant on E State St. is at the beginning of October! He also told me the hiring process would begin around the second week of August, and guess what? It's officially go time!

Mission BBQ in Rockford Will Begin Hiring on Tuesday

Mission BBQ has already begun accepting applications for all positions in the restaurant including; front of house manager, kitchen manager, cashiers, and cooks, but on-site interviews will begin on Tuesday, August 9, 2022. (Fill out an application now online at mission-bbq.com).

I have never treated myself to a Mission BBQ dining experience before, but all I ever hear our rave reviews from other people, so I can only assume working there would be just as awesome. The company prides itself on hiring and supporting true American heroes, they even play the National Anthem every day at Noon, so I have no doubt they treat every employee with the greatest respect. Here's one moving employee testimonial that I found on Mission BBQ's website;

Mission BBQ Rockford has both full-time and part-time positions to fill,  they offer flexible schedules, and are even closed on major holidays to allow employees time to be with their families. Plus, I know firsthand that you will get to work with a pretty fabulous human being as your manager too. 😉

Are you ready to accept your mission? Get the hiring process started, here.

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Provided Photo

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