Miranda Lambert has to have a good sense of humor. After all, she's married to funny man Blake Shelton. She sat down and proved just that when she read some of Shelton's funniest tweets.

There's nothing that's too taboo for Shelton's Twitter account. From cracking jokes about Lambert's furry friends to their speculated divorce, he talks about it all. Lambert threw in a few jokes of her own when she read the tweets -- which all involved her.

"He doesn't even ever talk to my cats," she explained after reading a tweet about her cats. "Although my one cat, Shelly, hates me and loves him...I was she could understand this tweet 'cause that's just rude. Whatever." He couldn't poke fun at the cats without also poking fun at the animal lover's dogs, saying he would feed them "to the coyotes."

"Blake likes to act like he's tough..but he takes such good care of the animals and he also knows that I would absolutely cut his man parts off if he didn't feed my dogs while I was gone."

Since people spend so much time speculating about the couple's marriage, and possible divorce, Shelton thought the best way to deal with it was with a tweet. Lambert addressed this one with a laughing saying, "Well actually, he did say to me that if one of us had a hundred million dollars and we could actually get it by divorcing that we probably would, and I kind of agree. We don't, for the record."

One day, Shelton tweeted that his wife had a date with his 'The Voice' coach/competitor's car. Apparently, Lambert asked to borrow his red Ferrari for her photo shoot for her new album, 'Platinum.'

"I did have a date with Adam Levine's car," she explains. "Adam Levine was not in it which was kind of sad -- actually."

She did, however, have a date with Shelton who planned on "scaring the s--- out of her with 'Monster Mash.'" He tweeted that he would do just that, but apparently it's become an every day ritual in the couple's home.

"We actually listen to 'Monster Mash' probably every day. I'm pretty sure it's every day," the 'Automatic' singer says, explaining she doesn't really know why. "I don't really understand why, but it makes us happy."