A man from Decatur, Indiana is taking the world by storm for showing the softer, and more playful side of infamous horror villain Michael Myers.

A Michael Meyers for Scaredy Cats

To be completely honest, I have never watched any of the 13 'Halloween' movies because scary movies aren't my jam, (unless it's a true crime scary story, then you can count me in!), but even I know who Michael Meyers is and the spooky song that's attached to him.

Premiere Of Universal Pictures' "Halloween" - Red Carpet
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Michael Meyers may like to go around killing people, but one Michael Myers from Decatur, Indiana is well known for his funny antics instead of high victim counts.

I am not ashamed to admit that I just spent at least an hour watching videos on Michael Myers of Decatur's Facebook, and I honestly don't know what makes me laugh the most...Michael's antics, his wife's reactions, at their 5-year-old Harrison's dance moves, OR the fact that the family's real last name is Zimmerman! (mine is too, but I don't think we're related LOL! )

Here are some recent videos of Michael and mini Michael up to no good during their favorite month of the year...

So what does the guy behind the Michael Meyers mask, (his real name is Evan), actually look like? He's hot, and so is his wife! LOL!

FYI, Michael Myers of Decatur has a YouTube channel too, so you should probably just add that to your list of things to follow right now as well.

Is it wrong that I can't wait until my kids get home from school so I can show them some of these videos too? LOL!

Now I just need to figure out if Michael Myers of Decatur inspired this funny Illinois home listing too...

Michael Meyers 'Haunts' An Illinois House On Zillow

Gallery Credit: Zillow.com

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