Michael Jordan.... Just hearing the name and you have my attention. Growing up in Chicago in the 90's and it was true, everyone wanted to be like Mike. Over 20 years later and I still remember all the celebrations at Grant Park, the commercials, and may even have a few pairs of J's in the closet that I'll wear on special occasions.

Now Michael Jordan has added something even more impressive to his resume, he's just opened two clinics that will offer cutting edge healthcare to under-served communities in Charlotte according to The Chicago Defender.

It's funny how no one says "Just shut and dribble" when athletes give back. Believe me, even as a HUGE fan, I know Michael has his shortcomings, but it's nice to see him donate a large amount of money to help those in need.

I had a friend who one time saw Jordan in Vegas and asked for an autograph and he refused. He understands the value of his signature. Some may say that's a jerk move, but that money he makes is now going back to open two new facilities to help people. As big of an idol as he was for me, I hope the younger generation of stars see this and want to emulate it as well. Remember, If I could be like Mike!

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