There's a new unfortunate trend in Illinois involving senior citizens. Men and women are disguising themselves as utility workers so they can get into a house and steal. CBS2 Chicago reports it's happened multiple times in the past two weeks in the suburbs.

...10 similar cases across North Chicago and nearby villages in the last two weeks.


These people are dressing in bright green vests to appear to be utility workers and knocking on doors in pairs in order to successfully pull off the robbery. CBS2 spoke to an area Sergeant about recent incidents.

While one burglar leads the homeowner into the basement or another part of the house, an accomplice raids the bedroom. They are not taking TVs they’re not taking computers. They are taking jewelry and cash, stuff they can pawn real quick.

The best advice, according to the report, is "if you’re not expecting anybody to come to the house, don’t let anybody in."

[H/T CBS2]

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