Meet Chicago's newest cub. No, he doesn't play baseball, but he sure is cute!

Brookfield Zoo is excited for you to meet their newest member, their Amur Leopard cub born to Mom, Lisa, on July 22nd.

Aww...he's so cute. Man! Look at those paws. He's gonna be a big guy when he grows up.

Now I say that's definitely a fun "Aww Moment" for your day!

ABC7 reports that "it will be several weeks before the public can see him at his outdoor exhibit at Big Cats, but he's making great progress bonding with his mom behind the scenes."

The little cub joins the company of the 70 Amur Leopards that are left in the world and he serves to be the poster cub, if you will, of wildlife conservation and spreading the word of how critical it is to take care of these extremely endangered animals.

The zoo welcomes you to keep track of the little guy by checking in on their facebook page: Brookfield Zoo.