So, I think this Valentine's Day promotion from McDonald's might go down in history as the craziest/stupidest idea ever. Maybe I just don't appreciate the awesomeness of a Big Mac enough, maybe I'm just feeling a little "salty" today, but I'm sorry, McDonald's, I'm definitely NOT loving this. Maybe you will...

I do like that the ring is stackable and that the parts of it can be worn separately, but I still can't help but feel like it's a waste of beautiful jewels. I do however like the thought of winning something that could sell for over $12,000, so in honor of that, here's JB and I's love poem for the Big Mac...

Oh, Big Mac, you are such a tangy treat.

You're layers of meat and deliciousness have totally swept us off our feet.

People came out in droves to win some of your secret sauce, and we did think that was a little off.

Others have tried to copy you, which proved to be a worthless feat, because your massive size and taste can never be beat.

Think we can win with that? LOL!

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